About Me and the Blog

Hello dear readers! My name is JoJo. I’m currently finishing up a BS in Computer Science with a concentration in Creative Writing. I am a huge cinephile. My dad got me into movies when I was a little kid, and because of him I have a huge soft spot for comedies and Scifi. I love to watch films and talk about them with whoever can’t escape from my presence. I am also an amateur writer and filmmaker. I’ve written a handful of short stories and a few screenplays. I’ve even created a few short films and entered them into competitions.

I’m using this blog to address the two ways that I interact with film; one as an observer and the other as a creator. I want to write about movies that I find interesting, either because they were good or because they weren’t as good as the could be. The point is to break them down and look at what was it about them that made them successful or unsuccessful. My creative background means that I know a lot about story structure and the craft of storytelling. Because of that my focus in post is more on story structure and less on film techniques. I’m hoping that as I continue to blog, my post will be about 50/50. The whole point of this blog is to better understanding of the craft of film making so that my next film doesn’t suck.

I don’t really have any credentials when it comes to analyzing film. My analyses are based on what  I know from many years of studying creative writing, one film studies class, a few attempts at film making, and having watch a buck of ton of films in my life. All of my post are based on my own opinions. If you find fault any of my posts good, awesome, no seriously, tell me. I would love to hear your opinion. That’s part of the learning process; hearing from people who aren’t me. The only thing I ask is that the criticism be constructive and pleasant.

Thank you dear readers and I hope you enjoy All Spoilers!

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