My One Problem With Magic Mike

Magic Mike Dancers

I like Magic Mike. I think it is an engaging and interesting film and not just because of the all the beautiful sweaty naked men. There is some really beautiful and interesting cinematography. The film has authentic dialogue and characters. All of this you can see in this clip where Matthew McConaughey’s Dallas is teaching Alex Pettyfer’s Adam how to dance.

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Where To End A Film:The Problem With Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Theater Sign

I saw Edge of Tomorrow twice this summer and I thought it was perfect. And by perfect I mean without any huge flaws, which I can hope for in a blockbuster not directed by Christopher Nolan. When I talked to friends about the film, they kept complaining that the ending ruined the movie.

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Narrative Structure

My first post was supposed to be about what makes a good movie ending, but to understand that, my readers need a good understanding of narrative structure. So instead I wrote this post, a rundown on narrative structure, and my next post will be about what makes a good ending in film. I know, my first post and I’m back tracking. This should be a great blog. Any-ho…

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